Webmail login

Clients who have been migrated to our new server, as of June 2018, can access their webmail by going to: webmail.[yourdomain] and inputting your full email address as your user name, followed by your password.

Clients who have not migrated need to contact [email protected] for instructions on how to change your DNS settings.

Clients who have not migrated can access their current webmail by following the instructions below:

Click here for remote e-mail access > >

Enter your User Name (i.e. [email protected]) and Password assigned to you by Lakefront Media, Inc.

You must enter  mail.lfmedia.com in the Server form field.

Lakefront Media E-mail Login

Lakefront Media cannot be held responsible if your Webmail program cannot be connected to or is not accessible.

Web based e-mail accounts are through third-party software and should only be used as a convenience to your standard email client (Outlook, Windows Mail, etc).