Presentation Development

Presentation DevelopmentLakefront Media, Inc. became aware of the needs of individuals who needed a bit more professionalism with their PowerPoint presentations.  Over the years we have grown our Presentation Services department as a means of supplying high-end creative, custom, communication driven PowerPoint solutions.

Lakefront Media can develop and program custom PowerPoint shows for use in webcasts and live events. Our developers can create from just an idea, to re-tooling existing customer files. Lakefronts’ PowerPoint professionals take our clients drafted presentation and translates it into the final product, including text, table and graph standards, and master slides.

So, whether its a custom PowerPoint presentation, or some creative revisions to existing slides and handouts or adding video, photos, illustrations, or animation. Lakefronts’ team will be there to help you with all of your presentation needs.

PowerPoint Presentation Development and Services:

  • PowerPoint Slide Development
  • Presentation Makeovers
  • Integration of Audio and Video
  • PowerPoint Template Design
  • PowerPoint Animation
  • Custom Charts, Diagrams and Tables
  • Custom Graphics
  • Stock Photography Search & Purchase